What's Next?
You PASSED the evaluation!! You are so anxious to start visiting, but where? What facilities are available? What should I take with me on visits? Find answers to these questions and more by Pet Partners of Southern Arizona (PPSAZ), today. When you join PPSAZ, experienced volunteers are happy to mentor you, invite you to join them on a visit (without your own therapy animal), and find the right places for your team to visit. We encourage you to join Pet Partners of Southern Arizona, a community partner with the national organization. These are some of the benefits you will enjoy. 

Being a Pet Partner is a special honor. To help enrich your experience, we hope you will become a member of Pet Partners of Southern Arizona (PPSAZ). PPSAZ is an official Community Partner of the national Pet Partners association.   Click on the membership button to learn more about becoming a PPSAZ member.